VU7LD - The ARSI Laccadive Island Dxpedition Dec 1, 2006 - Dec 30, 2006
The first batch of operators met at Cochin on Dec 28th. Cochin is a beautiful coastal city.

The team prior to leaving for the Wharf to board the ship.
From Left to Right : vu2rcr(Chandru), vu2vku(Krish),vu2kkz(Raja),Raja's xyl, right behind is vu2dvp(vidi)
next to vidi is Raja. To the front is Bharathi, vu2pjp Peter's xyl. vu2sws(Sarala),hiding behind is vu2ggm(Poru).
Right behind peter is vu2izo(mickey), vu3dmp(Chetz), right behind is vu2nxm(bassappa), vu2pai(Pai), vu2nks(Nandu), vu2mtt(Murthy).

The cars loaded up with equipment that were hand carried by the team.

The team getting ready to board Bharat Seema on Dec 29th 2006 to head to Kavarathi in the Laccadives

The team arrives in Kavarathi on Dec 30th 2006.
From Left to Right: vu2pjp(Peter), vu2nks(Nandu), vu2ggm(Poru), vu2pai(Pai), vu3dmp(Chetz),
vu2sws(Sarla), vu2izo(Mickey), Bharathi(Peters xyl),vu2kkz(Raja), Raja's xyl, Behind vu2nxm(Bassappa),
Front vu2vku(Krish), vu2mtt(Murthy), vu2rcr(Chandru)

The team at work setting up the stations.
Happy Land Station at the Chicken Neck point in the Island. This location has the bay on one side and the Arabian
Sea on the other with a narrow strip of land on either side of the arterial road.

vu3dmp(Chetz) checking out the Boom of the SteppIR beam and vu3mtt(Murthy) pondering over it.

The 3 element SteppIR up and ready to fire at the Happy Land Station.

vu2vku, vu2pai and vu2mtt infront of the entrance to the Happy Land station.

The shack at the happy land station.

vu2mtt(Murthy) hard at work on CW at the Happy Land station.

vu2nxm(Bassappa) hard at work on CW at the Happy land station.

vu3dmp(Chetz) working the bands from the Happy Land Station.
The local Island chief, vu2pjp(Peter) and vu2kkz(Raja) holding the banner.

Mr.Shaukat Ali( Dive Instructor), vu2nxm(basappa), vu2pai(pai) and vu2vku at the Happy Land station.

The 3 Element steppIR getting installed at the tower station. vu2izo(Mickey) and vu2nks(Nandu) hard at work up
the tower.

vu2vku lending a helping hand.

There she is up and ready to fire.

The tower station in operation.
Front to Rear: vu2nxm(Bassappa), vu2vku(hidden), vu2sws(Sarla)

vu2sws in full throttle.

vu2nks on the air from the tower station.

vu2izo(Mickey) at work from the tower station.

Chicken Neck Station 2.

vu2ggm(Poru) and vu2vku(Krish) at work to install the 2 Element SteppIR beam.

The 2 Element SteppIR up and ready to fire.

vu2vku(Krish) at work in the Chicken Neck station.

vu2rdq(Rohit) and vu2vku(Krish) at the Chicken Neck Station.

vu2rdq(Rohit) Mr.Shaukat Ali and at the Dolphin Dive Center. Without the help of Mr.Shaukat, the Dolphin Dive
center location could not have been a reality. This is an awesome location and the team just loved every aspect of it.
The most notable fact is the friendliness of the locals.

The SteppIR vertical at the Dolphin Dive Center Station.

vu2rcr(Chandru) at work from the Dolphin dive center station.

vu3dmp(Chetz) operating the Dolphin Dive Center Station.

A long shot of the dolphin dive center.

The team at the beach

The team getting ready to meet for a breakfast and the days briefing.

The Second Batch of Operators on Board Bharat Seema.LEFT to RIGHT - vu3rsb(sara),vu3spq(sunny),

vu2gmn(gopal) and vu2sjd(sanjay) setting up the chicken neck 2 station.

vu3spq(sunny) and vu2lx(laxman) setting up the vertical at chicken neck 2 station.

A climber up the coconut palm to help install the 80m dipole at chicken neck.

vu3spq(sunny) at work from the Dolphin Dive center.

A group shot of the operators from second batch and some operators from the first batch.
Left to Right - VU3ELR Sashi, VU2NKS Nandu, VU2GMN Gopal, VU2LX Laxman, VU2PAI Pai,
VU3RSB Sarath, VU2MTT Murthy, VU3IZO Micky, VU2RCR Chandru, VU2NXM Basappa,
VU2SWS Sarla, VU2SJD Sanjay and VU3SPQ Sunny.

A local with his fresh catch of Tuna.

The Bay on low tide. We had the bay to ourselves, enjoying the serenity and working the
bands. The Happy land station's 3 Element beam can be seen in the middle of the picture. This is a view
of the bay from the other Chicken Neck station.

A boat a drift in the calm waters of the bay.

The exposed Stony Corals in low tide.